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Global Market Revenue for Fitness Equipment Industry to Cross USD 13.5 Billion by 2023

Published on: Sunday 9th July 2017

Fitness equipment industry is spreading its wings like anything and luring youth as well as middle age & old age groups towards it. Because society has realized the importance of being physically fit and thus they can eradicate or avoid risks of certain diseases. Especially in a country like India, where youth count comprises of as much as 60% of the total population, fitness is certainly one of the key issues of concern. Governments and enterprises in developed countries have already started several healthcare initiatives to promote the benefits of physical strength and fitness hence, creating awareness about various diseases and health issues. Developing countries also, for that matter, are also running health awareness campaigns for the masses. Furthermore, corporate sectors in emerging countries such as India are also thinking to make it mandatory for employees, to invest some of the portions of their salary in procuring the fitness equipment, thus driving the fitness equipment market share over the forecast timeline. As per the market surveys done by various research firms, it has been observed that till 2023 global market revenue of fitness equipment industry will cross USD 13.5 Billion. Hence, it will be a huge opportunity to invest in this vertical now.

Introduction and incorporation of high-tech, top-notch devices have driven the growth of fitness equipment industry. Hence, from the experts in the industry it has been predicted that with the increase in the technological advancements, the growth of fitness equipment industry will take up a pace Though all the things are seemed to be positive for the industry, still high initial investment and maintenance costs are proving to be a huge barrier for the budding entrepreneurs, who want to enter in this industry. In this scenario, factors such as the age demographics, fast-paced & growing economics and dense population in the countries like India and China are going to play a vital role in the development of fitness equipment industry across the masses. You can make an inquiry for purchasing of reports @ (Company Mail Id); This line is optional.

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