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Infertility treatment market: Fast paced growth will lead to the huge expansion of this industry

Published on: Friday 2nd June 2017

Women are god gifted with the ability to reproduce a human being. A man is gifted with the ability to be the reason for reproduction. But, when things go wrong, neither a man nor a woman can use their abilities. This is called infertility. Incorporation of certain techniques leads to overcoming such inabilities and let the man and woman live a normal & peaceful life. No wonder, why Infertility treatment market is booming across the globe nowadays.
Earlier, there wasnt any solid and emphatic treatment to cure infertility. In the course of time, after the technological advancements and deep research in the respective field, now it is possible to have a complete cure for infertility. Currently, global infertility market is growing at a rate of 10.6% and its total annual (worldwide) turnover is expected to reach USD 2.05 Billion by 2022 from USD 1.24 Billion in 2017 so far. The basic reason behind this growth is obvious. Nowadays, masses are getting more aware about what the infertility is and how to cure it. More & more exposure to the easily available information is one of the key reasons for this awareness. The authenticity of the information is another issue of concern here, but its a separate topic of debate.

Demographically, the infertility market is huge and spread across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and then rest of the world. North America contributed the largest share in this vertical in 2016, followed by Europe and then Asia Pacific. But, in coming couple of years, Asia-Pacific region and especially emerging countries such as India are expected to grow at very fast pace. Technological advancements, increased awareness about infertility & desire to cure the same, consistently increased no. of growing clinics are some of the major driving points for the worldwide growth of infertility treatment market. Market research and consulting firms are also one of the important components in this vertical. Research and consulting firms help growing the industry by making unique & syndicated research reports for the organizations and budding start-ups in the industry, so as to have a better understanding of the industry. Complete analytical surveys conducted by research and consulting firms in this vertical are proving to be a blessing for everyone related to the field. Hence, undoubtedly this field has a bright future ahead.

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