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Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Global Market Revenue to Reach USD 50.6 Billion by 2019

Published on: Monday 1st May 2017

Medicine industry has a long history right from the 5000 B.C. In the course of time, this sector has had so many advancements that no one would have ever imagined. Technological progress happened over the period, had the deep impact on this industry and hence, today miracles are happening in the medical industry. Minimally invasive surgeries are one of those miracles. Minimally invasive surgery is nothing but a; bloodless surgery. During the minimally invasive procedure, surgeons make several small incisions in the skin. These incisions are sometimes just a few millimeters in size. With such a minimal injury, there is a very less scope to bleeding. Now, a long but a thin tube with the miniature camera attached at the end (called as an endoscope, and used in endoscopy) is passed through the incisions. Now the camera attached to the wire allows surgeons to monitor all the internal body system onto the screen and operate the treatment. The demand for such surgeries is increasing day by day, because of which, surgeries are becoming less painful.

As per the surveys were done by various research institutes working in the medical industry, the global market for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is expected to reach USD 50.6 Billion by 2019. The global market for MIS was calculated at USD 25 Billion in 2012 and it is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% from 2013 to 2019. Hence, in just 7 years the market revenue is expected to be doubled. This is a huge achievement indeed and a great opportunity for those who have invested in this industry or thinking to do so. Minimally invasive surgery devices industry can be categorised into viz., surgical, monitoring & endoscopic devices. Surgical MIS devices industry is expected to show the highest growth in the coming few years. Fast-paced technological advancements, complementary government policies, etc. are some of the key reasons for this to happen. This industry will witness a manifold increase in forecast period as the no. of customers and revenue is increasing rapidly. Being one of the most important emerging countries in the world, India is expected to emerge as one of the biggest markets for minimally invasive surgery market.

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