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Rise in Demand for Waste-Water Treatment Chemicals Due To Rapid Pace of Urbanization


Published on: Wednesday 6th September 2017

The global market for wastewater treatment chemicals is growing at a very fast rate and is expected to cross USD 33 Billion by 2025 mainly because of increasing awareness about the cleaning of the waste water and re-using it effectively. 

The rapid pace of urbanisation and hence industrialisation too is deteriorating water quality globally. As far as the water-scarcity suffering regions across the globe are concerned, one cannot afford to lose this huge amount of water every day. Hence, currently, we are only left with the option of reusing the waste water after the cleansing of it with the appropriate chemicals.

Coagulants & Flocculants, Biocides, pH adjusters and softeners, corrosion and scale inhibitors, etc. are some of the popular waste water treatment chemicals used across the globe in various end-use industries of different verticals. Many companies are working on war footing to gain best results from their R&D. Honest endeavours are being made to improve the quality and performance of these cleansing chemicals so that these will be suitable for use across the globe for all the end user industries in different verticals. 

As far as the scenario in Europe is concerned, Flocculants comprise the largest market segment, generating almost 33% of the overall revenue of this market in Europe. Similarly, Coagulants are used almost as much as flocculants by the waste water treatment industries, to neutralise the electric charge on solid particles & colloidal impurities. This segment in wastewater chemicals in predicted to cross the turnover of USD 1436 Million by 2021, at a consistently increasing growth rate, as far as Europe is concerned. According to the latest market study released by the prominent market research and consulting firm, the wastewater treatment chemicals market in Europe is projected to cross USD 4690 Million by 2021, at a CAGR of close to 5% over the forecast period. As far the emerging countries in Asia-pacific region such as India are concerned, the scenario is quite optimistic. Waste water treatment industry in India is booming like anything. Government policies are also playing a vital role in spreading wings of this industry pan India. 

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