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The Global Graphene Market is Projected to Cross USD 200 Million by 2020

Published on: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Graphene is one of the very useful elements invented by mankind. This useful element is used in durable display screens which are lightweight, thin, and flexible. Graphene is also used in electric/photonics circuits, solar cells, various medical, chemical & industrial processes.

According to the recent reports, global graphene market is expected to cross the annual turnover of USD 200 Million by 2020, with a rapid compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44%.  This growth rate is huge and indicates fast paced growth of this industry in the forecast period. Being world’s first 2D material is ultra-light and extremely tough. Being an excellent conductor of electricity, it is extensively used in electronics industry. Due to the wide exposure and many opportunities available in the vertical, many industrialists have got attracted towards the sector. The existing companies in the vertical are also applying innovative methods of operation & business strategies to spread their wings in the industry. As there is a large scope for research and development (R&D) in the sector, many giant players are investing in this sector to make honest endeavours for the improvements of this industry.

The global graphene market is basically segmented on the basis of the type, application & geography. As far as the types of graphene are concerned, graphene oxide, mono-layer & bi-layer graphene are the most promising types and are anticipated to generate substantial revenue by 2020. Based on the geography, the market is segmented into North America, Europe & Asia-Pacific region. In 2013, North America was the highest revenue generating region in this vertical. As far as the fast-paced development is concerned, emerging countries such as India are one of the most potential regions for this industry. The factors that drive the overall growth of Asia-Pacific Region comprises of the presence of large graphite mines in China, ongoing research on graphene in India, China & Japan, and the vast scope of the spread of the electronics industry in the region.

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