Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
Market Reports Company (hereafter mentioned as “us”, “we” or “company”) is committed to respecting the privacy rights of its customers, visitors and other users of company’s website. This policy is applicable to only our company’s website and not any other website that you may be able to access through our website.

2. Information Collection Procedure
In the process of registration of making a purchase, the user may need to provide his name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, etc. Similarly, once customer finalises to purchase a report, he/she will have to provide authentic financial information for a transaction to happen smoothly. This information will not be shared, transferred by the company to any third party firm without the consent of the customer. This information will be solely used by us for various official purposes.

3. What do we do with the collected information?
Unless you need a particular service from a third party firm and they need your information to proceed, we do not provide your sensitive information to any third party without your consent. We may provide your name, other contact details if the situation demands. Your banking details are completely safe with us and we will never share them with anyone.
Besides this, we may use cookies to save your username and password that you have set while signing up on our website. Cookies may also be used for sending you the content relevant to your interests.

4. Sale of User’s Information
Though we do not use our user’s information for unethical practices but this remains a matter of fact that once a user registers with us and provides his information to us, then this information becomes the asset of the company. Now, if the company is acquired by some business group, then all the assets of the company, including the user data is transferred to the acquirer.

5. Access to the User Information
Unfortunately, no user can access the information he/she has provided us at the time of signing up with us. They can only opt out for deletion of the whole information. No editing of the information once recorded, is possible to make.

6. Data Security at Public Forums
Company website may incorporate some public forums so as to have a real-time interaction with its users. Please note that the information you put in the forums is accessible by every user on the forum. Hence, one should be extra careful while putting their sensitive information to any forums.

7. How to Contact Us?
In case you have any suggestions, feedbacks or opinions regarding our privacy policy then you may contact us on –

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