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User License Types
1) Single User License: (1 person/employee) | The purchase of a 'Single User License' grants access to a specific report for one person only and must not be shared with other employees within the same company.
2) Multi User License: (2 to 10 persons/employees) | The purchase of a 'Multi User License’ grants access to a specific report for two to ten users only within the same department or within the same company.
3) Corporate User License: ( More than 10 persons/employees) | The purchase of a 'Corporate License’ grants access to a specific report to whole company and its wide audience. This includes subsidiary companies or other companies within a group of companies.
4) Subsription License: You can subscribe to any particular report and we will deliver you corporate user license and also provide you report and market update on quarterly basis. (Note: Once you purchase any licence type in that case you are legally bonded to follow the terms and conditions of User License Agreement.)

Binding Agreement
Before making a contract with us, you are required to make a binding agreement with us. By using our Internet Website www.marketreportscompany.com or any services provided in connection with our website, you agree to abide by these Terms of Use, as they may be amended by Market Reports Company from time to time in its sole discretion. Our Terms of Use may change or update in the course of time. Users are advised to review the same periodically so as to avoid any mishap later. In the case of disagreement with any Term/Condition, the user should immediately leave the site and cease all the use of service of our website.

Use of Company Software
In order to have a convenient access to your desired report, the company may make you available with some licensed software(s), that are essential to access your reports. If you download the software(s) from our website, then the software and its accompanying data are deemed to be licensed to you by the company for your personal, non-commercial and home use only. Our company reserves full rights of the intellectual property of the software provided to you. You must not sell, redistribute or reproduce the software. Also, you cannot make decompilation, reverse-engineering of the software and also the conversion of the software to a human-perceivable form. All trademarks and logos are owned by our company and you must not make a use of them in any commercial manner.

Usage of User Content
With successful sharing of your information with us, while signing up in a pre-contractual phase, you grant the company a license to use the materials you post to the site or service. By posting, downloading, displaying or transmitting user content to our website or service, you are granting company, its affiliates, officers, employees, directors, consultants, agents and representatives a right to use, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and (sometimes) reformat the user content in context with the functioning of whole and sole internet business of the company.

Compliance with the Intellectual Property Laws
While accessing our website or services delivered by us (such as a report or any software), you agree to obey the law and respect the intellectual property laws set by the company. Your use of any service delivered by us or our website is all times governed by our officers specially assigned for this task.

No Refund Policy
As per the company norms, we support no refund policy. Once you purchase any report we will deliver the report data as per the instructed timeline. Our Research Reports are knowledge based study data. Once you consume the it; we can not refund the report cost, However in case you have any queries or requirements post purchase or delivery you can always contact us.

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