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Global Electrochromic Materials Market Report for Period 2018 till 2026
   Publisher: GIR (Global Info Research)  |   On 2018-05-09  |   Pages: 109  |   Report ID: 39788  |   Price: $3480  |  Category: Chemicals and Materials 

This report studies the Electrochromic Materials market, Electrochromic materials have the property of a change, evocation, or bleaching of color as effected either by an electron-transfer (redox) process or by a sufficient electrochemical potential. The main classes of electrochromic materials are surveyed here, with descriptions of representative examples from the metal oxides, viologens (in solution and as adsorbed or polymeric films), conjugated conducting polymers, metal coordination comple...

Global Electrohydraulic Actuator Market Report for Period 2018 till 2026
   Publisher: GIR (Global Info Research)  |   On 2018-05-09  |   Pages: 100  |   Report ID: 39789  |   Price: $3480  |  Category: Chemicals and Materials 

Electrohydraulic actuators (EHAs) eliminate the need for separate hydraulic pumps and tubing, simplifying system architectures and improving safety and reliability. Electrohydraulic actuators incorporate servo valves and electronic controls to provide rod position feedback; thereby ensuring efficient machine operations. This amalgamation heightens accuracy, enhances functionality, improves ease-of-use, and better controls performance.

Scope of the Report:
This report focuse...

Global Epoxy Curing Agents Market Report for Period 2018 till 2026
   Publisher: GIR (Global Info Research)  |   On 2018-05-09  |   Pages: 107  |   Report ID: 39790  |   Price: $3480  |  Category: Chemicals and Materials 

This report studies the Epoxy Curing Agents market. The curing process is a chemical reaction in which the epoxide groups in epoxy resin reacts with a curing agent (hardener) to form a highly crosslinked, three-dimensional network. In order to convert epoxy resins into a hard, infusible, and rigid material, it is necessary to cure the resin with hardener. The products are available for a wide range of civil engineering, infrastructure and other building & construction applications.


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